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The UNISTRADE company appeared on the Belarusian market in January 2010 and began with the launch of the production of roof ventilation turbines.

2011 - a new workshopf and a new direction - the application of a protective and decorative polymer coating on metal products and structures. Due to the modernization of the machine park and the increase in production capacities, the release of a new product - the “Unix” metal picket fence - was launched.

2013 - a new direction was launched - the production of metal small architectural forms, fence sections, gates and wickets.

2015 - launch of production of metal picket fence "Versailles", "Country", "Avangard", "Classic", louver fence "Gamma" and "Viola" made of galvanized metal with a thickness of 0.45 mm.

2017 - again a novelty - a louver fence "Twingo", obtaining a patent for its production. Launch of a production line for profiled sheets, metal tiles and facade panels for exterior wall cladding.

2019 - the production of furniture in the LOFT style, the development of a unique U-shaped strip for "Twingo" lamellae, which enables self-assembly without self-tapping screws. Purchase of equipment using a laser for high-precision cutting of metals that do not require further processing. A new line - a designed fence with laser cutting technology.

2020 is a significant year for the company. Development of a dealer network in Germany and Great Britain.

Development of a dealer

The company constantly participates in international exhibitions and forums, receiving high marks from the organizers.

The production is certified; the products meet the highest requirements.


The Production history of UNISTRADE
started in 2010.

Over 11 years of existence, the company has become a true leader in its industry.






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