Designer fence

Designer fence

Designer fence

€ / sq.m. (VAT rate 0%) 80
Zinc mass of protective metal cover: up to 275 g / m2
Available width: 2.5 m
Metal thickness: 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm
Filling option: segments, solid sheet


from 80 € / sq.m. (VAT rate 0%)

How a designer fence is made

We take a sheet of galvanized steel and use laser cutting to create a decorative pattern of your choice.

How is this implemented?

To accomplish this task, we offer two options:

  1. Using standard options for columns made of stone, wood, metal. And then they are filled with individual panels (laser cut, perforated metal sheet, home decoration material, etc.). This type of fencing is more expensive, but also more impressive.

Painting in different colors is possible. Separate painting of the frame and separate for filling, or using stainless steel inserts. This allows you to get non-standard design solutions.

  1. Producing of ready-made fence segments with a profile stiffening frame and panels fixed on it with a laser-cut design to your taste. The panels are made of galvanized metal sheets, powder painted and completely ready for installation. We supply gates without fixed decorative panels to prevent damage during transportation or installation. One-piece sheet is limited in span height, since the sheet is cut in standard sizes: galvanized - 1.25 m, aluminum - 1.5 m.

In each case, you will need to visualize your wishes so that we can adapt them to the size of the fence.

The cost of decorative panels depends on various factors:

  1. mounting options (with or without integrated frame),
  2. choice of basic material,
  3. density of design lines (their number),
  4. sizes.