Horizontal fence

from 3.96 € / r.m. (VAT rate 0%)
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The Rancho horizontal metal fence is a modern fencing option with a wide horizontal metal bar.

The uniqueness of UNISTRADE Rancho fences is that a U-shaped bar with hidden fastening is used for installation.

Unique Advantage of Rancho Fence

  1. Installation does not require manual marking, as practice shows, it is rarely ideal.
  2. Installation can even be done by one person which means speed and cost savings.
  3. Perfect form, without a huge amount of self-tapping screws that irritate the eyes.
  4. Ventilation - increased ventilation and lighting of the fenced area. The distance between the lamellae can be adjusted.
  5. High-quality coating of lamellae - the fence does not fade and does not change color.

The U-shaped fastening element according to your order will be made with the required number of holes for the required number of strips.

THE PLANKS ARE MOUNTED BY YOURSELF: the lower part of the mount is bent, a plank is placed on it, which is covered from above by the upper part of the mount.

Planks can be made in 3 coating options:

  • matte or glossy polymer coating in any color scheme according to the RAL color catalog;
  • printech covering - imitation of wood.
  • Matte factory polyester

Planks are made for a span of no more than 3 m.

The Rancho metal fence has sufficient rigidity for installation without reinforcement bars.