Louver fence


The design and dimensions of the louver fence

The fence consists of separate metal lamellae, the fastening of which resembles fences. The lower part of the lamella is angled to provide clearance.

This form has been known for a long time, but in the production of fences it has been used recently. While installing the fence, the support posts are fixed on the ground, with horizontal slats between them. The lamellae are located at an angle, which creates the effect of a solid fence. The gaps are visible only if the structure is viewed from a certain angle or from the side.

Due to the fact that the lamellae are rolled on machines, and not on sheet bending machines, it became possible to produce lamellae up to 6 meters long. There have been such orders, but in order for the spans to be as rigid as possible, we recommend a span of about 3 meters.Металлический забор жалюзи

The design of the louvered fences is:

  • Lamellae;
  • Side U-shaped straps fastening lamellae;
  • Upper bar;
  • Frame (for Gamma);
  • Reinforcing bar (for Viola).

Установленный забор жалюзи

The louvered fences range of colours

All types of lamellae are produced with decorative coatings in both standard and exclusive colors.

The following options are available:

  • factory polyester - gloss or matte;
  • imitation of wood oak maranyon or antique oak;
  • powder polymer - gloss or matte.

Цвета ламелей

Assembly and installation of a louvered fences

We do not deliver assembled sections to the site. Transportation and installation of ready-made bulky sections increases the likelihood of their damage.

The developed U-shaped strip with holes facilitates installation, there is no need to use self-tapping screws.

Забор-жалюзи Юнистрейд

Advantages of louvered fences from UNISTRADE

  • Own production. Lamellae are made of any length, depending on the request, as they are produced on special equipment, not on bending machines.
  • Unique U-shaped fastening bar!!! UNISTRADE specialists have developed and patented a special self-tapping U-shaped bar, which makes it possible to mount the lamellae on your own, without using self-tapping screws. The advantage of the development is that there is no need to mark the U-shaped bar in advance - it will be made using stops for the required number of lamellae. This guarantees a perfect look. A millimeter of marking error can skew the entire structure!
  • Exclusivity. We produce 5 types of louvered fences, 3 of which are PATENTED.
  • Durability. High-quality steel, which is used in the production, is galvanized, and covered by the powder paint.
  • Guaranteed durability. 10 years’ warranty of perforating corrosion
  • No darkening of the territory.
  • Low windage. For each lamella we add additional stiffeners to ensure the rigidity of the entire structure.
  • A wide range of colors of lamellae thanks to its own polymer-powder coating chamber.
  • Variants of section visibility: one-sided - the property is completely hidden from prying eyes, but gives an overview from the inside (“Gamma”, “Viola”); two-way-limited view on both sides (“Twingo”).

Забор типа жалюзи

Video review of louvered fences

In order to adequately show our louvered fences, we decided to shoot a video in which all the advantages of the design and ease of installation are clearly presented.

After looking at them, you can easily make your choice in just a few minutes.

Louvered fences Crash Test

Frequently asked questions when buying a louvered fences

Will the louvered fences withstand strong winds?

The fence is not solid - therefore the air passes through it. The louvered fences has a low wind load, in contrast to fences, for example, from a profiled sheet.

What is the difference between your fences and fences made of non-rolled lamellae?

Installing and cleaning non-rolled lamellae is fraught with cuts; non-rolled lamellae are less rigid than rolled ones.

Why does welding spoil the metal, but the screws do not?

The welding burns out the polymer and zinc coating. Lost corrosion protection. Louver fences are made of metal that is too thin for welding.

When drilling holes for self-tapping screws in thin sheet metal, zinc obscures the drilling site. A self-tapping screw with a seal gives additional protection.

Unistrade забор жалюзи

Delivery terms of louvered fences

The company is constantly developing. 11 years of successful work allowed us to create a wide dealer network of representatives who choose a trusted producer. We work throughout Russia, Ukraine and Europe.

The comfort of the client attached to any order of a louvered fences from UNISTRADE!