Louver fence

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The VIOLA louver fence consists of horizontal slats (lamellae), which are placed at an angle. This design allows air to circulate, there is no darkening of the area, sunlight penetrates the site, which is a prerequisite for any type of plantation.

For many people, when choosing a fence, the moment of preserving personal space is very important. Due to its design features, the louver fence completely hides the area from prying eyes, but at the same time gives a slight view of the street from the inside.

Essential elements:

  • lamellae

  • U-shaped bar

  • reinforcing bar

  • self-tapping screws

    lamellae VIOLA

This type of louver fence "without a frame" is recommended for spans up to 2.5 meters. In this case, the lamellae are fixed at the edges of the structure with U-shaped strips, and the vertical reinforcing stiffening strips give additional strength.