Metal picket fence

Euro picket fence, also known as metal picket fence, is a high quality galvanized steel plate. The steel used in the production is coated with four protective layers: zinc alloy, protective pre-treatment layer, primer and polymer paint. Thanks to this processing, the material is reliably protected from moisture, frost, rust and sunlight, which gives undeniable advantages in comparison with a wooden picket fence.

UNISTRADE is the largest producer of metal picket fence. We produce 4 types of metal picket fence, which differ in width and number of stiffeners.

Виды металлоштакетника

UNIX – picket width – 118 mm (16 stiffeners)

Versailles – picket width – 110mm (17 stiffeners)

Classic – picket width – 115mm (12 stiffeners)

Avangarde - picket width – 115mm (18 stiffeners)

What materials do we take as the basis of a metal picket fence

We use metal from only proven factories:

  1. DongbuSteel, Korea;
  2. "SteelColor", Belarus
  3. «Severstal Distribution», Russia.

The main material for the production of picket fence is coil metal. This material goes through an anti-corrosion polymer coating and is not affected by temperature changes. All fence plates are galvanized. It does not need to be painted, much less to use additional layers of protection.

Coating of metal Euro picket fence

  • factory polyester;
  • powder polymer with subsequent baking in an oven (powder paint is used);
  • imitation of Printech wood.

What else do you need for a metal picket fence

You can purchase all components for a metal fence made of a picket fence from UNISTRADE:

  1. Metal columns.
  2. Guide (profile) pipes.
  3. The picket fence is metal.
  4. Self-tapping screws.
  5. Caps for columns.

Installation of a metal picket fence

There are many options for installing a metal picket fence:

Vertical filling of the span:

The classic version of mounting a metal picket fence, when the strips are installed vertically.

Забор из металлоштакетника

Horizontal filling of the span:

Non-standard way of fastening metal picket strips. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the guides for fastening the pickets are still vertical. Installation on a frame made of a shaped tube is possible.

Металлоштакетник горизонтальный

One-sided filling of the span:

The classic distance between the planks of the metal picket fence is 2-4 cm. For an approximate calculation of the required number of planks, the span width should be divided by the sum of the width of the selected plank and the distance between the planks.

Расстояниме между штакетником металлическим

Double-sided filling (chequerwise):

The recommended distance is 4-6 cm, but it can be any other at the client's choice. The slats are located on both sides of the guide tube. The span looks the same, both from the side of the street and from the side of the yard.

Двухсторонний металлоштакетник

Filling according to the "Hill" type:

The calculation requires the parameters of the minimum and maximum height, the distance between the planks, the width of the selected plank and the span.

Металлоштакетник Горка

Advantages of a metal picket fence from UNISTRADE

  1. Strength. The thickness of the metal is only 0.45 mm.
  2. 10-year guarantee for corrosion penetration from UNISTRADE
  3. Simple installation. It is easy to install with a screwdriver with your own hands.
  4. Security. The picket fence is rolled on both sides - you and your family are reliably protected from injury.